Yadea G5

Lightning fast acceleration, ultra-modern design, high-quality finish and much much more makes the Yadea G5 the best E-Scooter currently available on the market! 

Beckers, with over 150 years of experience in paint making, has developed from a small retail shop in Stockholm to become a leading European coatings company operating on a global scale.

The G5 underwent an 800 hours ageing test. Let’s just say it passed with flying colours. Faded colours and this mean machine are no good match.

Be seen on the road

Since the whole vehicle is equipped with a full set of LED lights that won’t be a problem.

Lithium Battery Revolution

Standard equipped with a Panasonic 60V32Ah portable battery. With a double lithium battery pack you could reach 130km on a single charge (only available for the G5Pro)!
*This range is based upon a constant driving speed of 50km/h.

Over (dis)charging protection

Over current protection

Short Circuit Protection

 Powerfull GTR 3.0 broadband motor

– IP57 Waterproof Rating
– Max Torque 120N·M
– Max 1800W

The G5Pro is assembled with a 3000W Central Motor for even more Power.

An E-Scooter of this caliber has to be a trusthworthy companion on the road, hence why the G5 has motorcycle quality suspension & opposed hydraulic disc brakes.

This 7 Inch LCD Speedometer adjusts the lightness automatically so that even on the brightest of days you won’t miss a single thing. Because be honest, who doesn’t want to see every second what there is to see on this magnificent screen.

Going shopping? Going bowling? Going on a picknick? The G5 has got your back.
This super large 26L seat box could even fit one full sized helmet.

The G5Pro version has to sacrifice this storage space for the second lithium battery. Of course it is not mandatory, so the choice is completely up to you. Your G5, your way.

We convinced you didn’t we?!

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